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My name is John Marks, and I am a photographer located in the Barrie Area of Simcoe County Ontario.

Luminous Visions is my collective group of photography sites, each with a focus on different parts of the industry.

Here at Luminous Visions Photography you will find the various genres of photography that I make myself available for.

Primarily, I shoot Real Estate photography as well as Events, Pets, Automotive, and my repertoire is slowly but surely expanding in all directions from there. As of the spring of 2015 I am also adding Aerial Photography to my arsenal for Real Estate Agents and home owners who want to add stills and video to their listings or albums with a unique perspective and immense impact.

For Real Estate Agents, I offer aerial video tours that are a spectacular compliment for listings of more sizable estates and properties. These can be set to music if desired. For home owners, nothing says pride of ownership than a large framed aerial print of a large property that’s been in your family for decades.

No matter what your motivation or need, I can help.

Please use the contact page if you’d like to check my availability and to check pricing, or if you’d like any questions answered.

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Photography – What Inspires Me

Photography is my job, but it is also a lot more. It’s also my hobby, past time, and a good part of the reason I wake up each day.

I enjoy shooting for clients immensely, but there is also a whole spectacular world out there as well that inspires me to create beautiful images.

My hope is that my enthusiasm, and that inspiration, comes through in the images I create whether that is for a real estate client or for a piece of art that will hang on a wall. If I am really fortunate, I’ll leave something of value behind that can inspire and be appreciated by someone decades from now.

My biggest creative drive is in Landscape, Nature, and Wildlife Photography and I am constantly honing my artistic side while trying new techniques and ideas. I am constantly learning because in photography, to stop learning is to be left behind by technology and the competition. However, I love to learn new ways of creating my images and employ more techniques as time passes to better myself and my work. I also indulge in light painting and urban exploration to a lesser degree but still derive great satisfaction from it. I very much enjoy shooting Real Estate and other client work, but these are the things that really get heart beating with creative energy and drive me to always take my work to the next level.

I will have a “services” page up on the website soon with details on hiring me for anything you may want photographed. In the meantime, you are welcome to use the contact page to get hold of me with inquiries on my availability and pricing.

I am presently available for Real Estate and Aerial Photography in the Simcoe County region with a focus on the Barrie Ontario area as a central point and I have no problem servicing any area within a couple of hours radius of there.

I also offer Environmental Pet Portraiture so if you would like to create lasting memories for your 4 legged family member I’m happy to help. In these cases I also have printing and mounting services available so Fido can take his/her rightful place of honor on your wall.

Please feel free to have a look around in my Portfolio Here where you’ll be able to look at various samples of my client work.

Thank you for visiting Luminous Visions Photography and if you get the chance, please visit my other sites, Luminous Photo Visions where you will find tips and info about photography and taking great pictures, and John Marks Photography to enjoy my more personal creative work. If you are looking for a great gift, then you’ll also have the option of acquiring prints there.

John Marks.
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